The Unfriend


I really love the roar of laughter from a packed theatre audience, when it’s so loud you keep missing actors’ lines. The Unfriend is a total farce that had the audience I was in giggling away before full-on bellowing with laughter. It’s the silliest thing you’ll see, and the amazing cast sell it well. Written by Steven Moffat and directed by Mark Gatiss, another League of Gentlemen member, Reece Shearsmith, stars in it. Stealing the show, though, is Frances Barber, I am still chuckling over her performance. A British couple meet an annoying yet seemingly harmless American woman on a cruise, and before they know it she’s invited herself to stay with them in London. Before she arrives they find out she’s a serial killer who murdered her whole family by poisoning them, and being very British they find it hard to tell her to not come, then to leave, so lots of farcical things ensue around food and poison and poop. It’s short (for West End plays), it’s fast-paced, it’s full of great writing as well as over-the-top situations and performances, but it’s definitely unforgettable and enjoyable. Running until the 16th April, make sure you get a ticket here.

My tickets were kindly gifted to me



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