John Wick 4 Press Night


After us invited guests had stopped crowding the free bar (top of the photo), we settled down at the IMAX in Leicester Square to watch the most massive and loud version of John Wick I’ve ever seen, and also the final instalment in this bonkers franchise. I like John Wick, it’s so silly, and the audience were right on board by laughing at some very unintentionally humorous bits. But all in all, it’s a great film to watch to switch off – endless fighting, lots of beautiful city locations, some genuinely funny bits, and Keanu Reeves in a sharp suit as a sullen lover of dogs and killer of humans. Maybe it was the free beer and wine, but the packed out audience was loving this, and were highly rowdy with both laughter and applause.

Out in UK cinemas on Thursday 24th March


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