Jackson’s Lane Circus Panto


Jackson’s Lane Theatre in Highgate, north London, is the home of physical theatre, with a focus on contemporary circus performance. Their annual Christmas panto was Jack and the Beanstalk, with a female Jackie, and a beanstalk on which she could perform aerial ribbon work. There was also puppetry, projection animation, juggling and acrobatics. This is the venue to get kids engaged in storytelling with a side of circus, and my niece and nephew were wowed at the physical feats – “that’s good climbing!” my five year old nephew confirmed as we watched the awesome aerial work. The theatre is a huge former church, and has studios for hire as well as the main theatre and a large busy cafe.

The London Mime Festival is currently on at Jackson’s Lane, with two performances to choose from. And if that’s not enough for January, they also have an exquisite piece of object theatre, and another kids’ show – The Snow Queen.



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