The Perfect Secret Santa Gift


You think toilet spray is something you don’t need in your life, especially when air freshener exists. But Poo-Pourri does what no room scent can – it prevents bad smells ever leaving the toilet bowl, so you’re not just masking them. What does any of this have to do with Christmas? Think about it, you’re doing Secret Santa at work and have no idea what to get – do you go humorous but useless, or useful but boring? Now you can combine the best of these, with a funny AND 100% useful gift. It’s also ideal for anyone having guests stay for Christmas indulging, you know what kind of situation I’m talking about there…

Poo-Pourii comes in some sweet-smelling scents, you just spray it in to the toilet before using, and it creates a film that traps smells underwater. Just flush as normal, and it doesn’t cause any damage to the loo. You can also buy smaller bottles to keep in your bag for when you use public loos or have overnight stays. The Spritzmas Spice is a delightful festive combo of cinnamon, cranberry and fir tree and is available at Boots and Holland & Barratt.

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