Face Laser Treatment at Dr Dray Clinic


A couple of years ago I had an amazing press review experience at Dr Dray Clinic in a beautiful, villagey part of Kensington. I had the Lumecca IPL treatment, an intense pulsing laser on the face, and it helped to remove a small cluster of burst blood vessels, which I has mistakenly assumed was a stubborn spot. I was supposed to go back a few weeks later and have the same treatment to ensure all the blood vessels beneath the skin were dispersed, but the pandemic hit, and the clinic closed for several months. I was overjoyed to be invited back, and of course I wanted the same Lumecca treatment. I was so overjoyed the last one made the cluster vanish, but it did return slowly, over the course of about a year, and is steadily growing bigger. As I’d been informed, you need to make sure you get what’s beneath the skin with blood vessel clusters, or they just reform above the skin.

The lovely Dr Bibby no longer works at Dr Dray Clinic, so this time I had Irina, a medical assistant. She was very nice and knew her stuff regarding the treatment, but if you want more insight in to actual skin dermatology, an appointment with one of the doctors might be better. Something I’d forgotten from last time is that the treatment makes parts of your face darker before they’re ‘erased’, so any spots, thread veins, sun damage will go dark red or purple, showing the laser has picked up on those, and then they fade as they’re broken down and ‘erased’ over the next couple of weeks. So my little vessel cluster went purple, and will hopefully disappear again. This time I definitely have a follow up session booked for next month, so I can update on the cluster situation. This is such a good treatment, it’s certainly irritating, that ‘rubber band snapping’ feeling of the laser, but it’s quick and they put a nice cooling sheet mask on you afterwards to reduce the redness. If you want your skin to be clearer and more even-toned, this is the treatment that is going to deliver instant and very long-lasting results, removing everything from thread veins to active acne, and giving you a blank canvas of skin once more.

Lumecca IPL is £300 per session, Dr Dray Clinic kindly gifted me this treatment for review. 


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