The Lost City Screening


Out in UK cinemas on the 13th April, The Lost City is a surprisingly old-school rom-com with Sandra Bullock doing what she does best. I was invited to the press screening a couple of weeks ago where we were given delicious sex on the beach cocktails (above), and treated to a huge IMAX screen version of Channing Tatum, who gets his body out a lot. Maybe it was the free booze flowing, but I did chuckle at a few things, especially when a character says she thought Daniel Ratcliffe’s character was a small boy at first, but then saw he had a beard. There’s also a fair bit of comedy in this which doesn’t land, and you wish it could have a big kick up the arse in terms of pace and script. It reminded me a bit of Romancing the Stone, a similar combination of two hot people who hate each other stranded in the jungle, and Sandra Bullock is a romance writer like Kathleen Turner was. That being said, this is still a feel good film, with a deliciously fun cameo from Brad Pitt. Worth a watch on the big screen, especially if you’re a fan of objectifying Channing Tatum.



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