Zest Tea


If like me the colder months put you in to a tired slump, you’ll love the ultra high caffeine hit that Zest Tea delivers. They kindly gave me some samples and I’ll admit, I was initially a bit apprehensive. I’ve lived in the US before, and I recall them not doing tea that well. But times have changed, and not only is Zest Tea delicious, it contains a higher level of caffeine than coffee. It comes in bags or loose leaf (side note, they also do cans of sparkling tea in America which I hope TO GOD come over here, that sounds amazing), and in a range of flavours, including British fave Earl Grey. They’re all gluten free, vegan, zero sugar, fully compostable, and the caffeine contains L-Theanine to prevent jitters and post-caffeine crashes. I particularly like the fruity Superberry Samba and the mysterious Blue Lady – black tea with notes of orange and hibiscus.

Zest Tea is available in the UK from NineLife and VitaminsUK. These samples were kindly gifted. 




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