Norvina Pro Pigment Palette


Another day, another clown palette. This blindingly bright one is the Norvina Pro Pigment Palette Vol 1 (yes, there’s several more volumes of cray) from Anastasia Beverly Hills. I’m determined to use more colour on my eyes, and have been enjoying some (fairly unadventurous) pastel and neon looks. By colour, I mean brights, because even the usual taupes and browns I reach for are of course colours. Incidentally, C5 and E5 are really nice terracotta browns, and I am trying not to keep using these over everything else. I’m yet to try D4 and E4, but it’s going to happen. D1 is my favourite, and just a pop of this in the crease with some liquid liner goes a long way, it’s probably the look I get the most compliments for. Side note: I quite like that the shades are just letters and numbers, thanks for not pushing the boat out there, Norvina, it makes writing this post a lot easier.

I’m all about mattes on the eyes lately, but this palette has some dazzling shimmers and sparkles. B2 is safe and pretty, and the others make really nice shadow toppers. I love that this palette can double as colourful eyeliner when I use a thin, damp brush, and the glorious array of purples and mauves are perfect for hazel-green eyes like mine. It’s a pricy palette at £54 (dear lord, who is buying all the volumes), but I think it has multi-uses and is an interesting way to make your look be as next level as you want on a scale of ‘bit of colour on the crease or lid line’ to ‘full blown 1980s look queen.’ No judgement.



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