Glossier Haul


Glossier’s Cloud Paint’s are one of my favourite cream blushers, so I had to complete my collection with Dawn and Storm. A little goes a long way and they’re easy to blend, but don’t budge. Stay-put seems to be a running theme of this haul, those swatches (below) were murder to get off. The Lid Stars are liquid eye shades, fast drying (so be quick with application), but they don’t crease. I got Herb, a safe olive green with a hint of gold, perfect for hazel eyes, Fawn, a taupe brown which is said to have violet and gold flecks, and Lily, an iridescent lilac that’s the shiniest of the bunch. They’re not as easy to play with as cream shadow sticks from the likes of Bobbi Brown and Nars that I love, but if you need something that’s not going to fade these are your guys, and they give your lids some lovely light reflective lustre. I’m really happy with the colourful eyeliners as well (below), that canary mustardy yellow is just… mwah! And you can’t go wrong with a navy ever. They’re a gel formula and easy to apply, but… wait for it… not to easy to remove. Please someone invent a liquid eyeliner in that exact yellow shade. Thank you in advance.

My haul also includes two Generation G Sheer Matte lipsticks, and this was me being majorly taken in by the Instagram adverts. They’re very soft, and do exactly what they claim to – give a ‘dialled down’ matte look. I like them as something different, and they liven up lip balm a bit. If you like a bold lip, these maybe aren’t for you. I also got one of their mascaras to try, and it’s… okay. No wow factor for me, but I know some people swear by this. It’s all about experimenting when it comes to mascara, everyone’s dream one is out there somewhere. Glossier is the cheerful and not-so-cheap brand that’s lowkey on packaging but delivers on cute and accessible pigments. If you get anything I’d recommend those Cloud Paints.



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