Paramount invited me to watch an online screening  of new Irish film, Pixie. Gone are the days of press screenings in cinemas with a free glass of wine, the new normal is being given an online code. Laptop and cuppa tea it is, at least I don’t have to fight for Ubers with other bloggers and journalists as we all trot out of the screening. Pixie really reminds me of British and Irish films from the 90s where there were lots of dark-comedy capers, hard men in drug gangs, and double-crossings – there’s even several actors from the 90s in this one. As a piece of nostalgia cinema it’s not bad, and it’s an enjoyable fast-paced race to get to the money, battling priests and nuns with guns, cute gangsters, and many a murder along the way. Alec Baldwin even pops up with a not too shabby Irish accent – though Irish people might disagree. I usually love Olivia Cooke, and I do like her naughty character, Pixie, who tells men straight up she’s going to mess with them, laughing as they fall over themselves to get closer to her. Both her and Ben Hardy are people whose performances I’ve liked in other films, but here they both struggle a bit with the Irish accent – not overly so, but it seems to make Olivia gurn a bit and talk out the side of her mouth. Pixie is definitely very Irish, and very watchable, though predictable as hell, and could use a bit of a kick up the proverbial arse.

Pixie is available to buy digitally from the 15th February, and on DVD and to rent digitally 1st March.



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