Natasha Denona Triochrome Palette


I recently reviewed and swatched Natasha Denona’s Glam Palette, which is very nice, but nothing out of the ordinary and has a bunch of neutrals most makeup addicts already have a hundred times over. Natasha Denona’s Triochrome palette, however, is something a bit more special in both colour and texture. You get twelve of the silkiest mattes known to man, and then three off the chart metallics that shift in colour.



I’m not afraid of pastel eyeshadows, so I’m all over the violet, peach and lemon, and the deeper shades? Mustards, purple, more brown – I’ll take them all. If this was just a colourful matte palette I’d still be in heaven, the added shiny shades are a beautiful bonus. You can see in the swatch shots below those three chromes have fingers marks where I got my digits in (ew) to swatch, because they’re that weird spongey texture of eye shadow – half cream and half powder. Scarab is a stunning green with a gold shift (second swatch from top), and I’ve seen several Instagram tutorials pairing it with yellow in the crease and inner corner, and it looks amazing.



Kinetic is purple that looks lighter and darker depending on how the light shines on it. It was hard to photograph Color Flip well, but it’s a beautiful greeny-pink, and yes you guessed it, the pink pops depending on how it’s reflected. Three very interesting shades that will be fun to play with, but I know it’s the mattes I’m going to wear on a daily basis and I’m absolutely in love with. This could well be my favourite palette of 2020.




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