Marc Jacobs Extravaganza Palette


Christmas 2020, the year where parties were illegal because of the pandemic, and we had to drink alone at home whilst on Zoom with other people drinking alone at home. True story. Nothing will stop me getting all sparkled up though, and to be honest, I don’t need a party to look glittery on a day to day basis. The Marc Jacobs Eye-Conic palette in Extravaganza called to me and into my shopping cart (online, obvs) this beauty fell. I wish I could show you the case but it’s mirrored and difficult to get a good shot of. It’s black and gold stripes instead of the usual black the Eye-Conic palettes are, and instead of mostly smooth mattes inside, this baby has FIVE sparkly shades.



Um, can we just look at that metallic green (below). I want to wear that every day. It’s definitely the palette showstopper, they need to sell that in single pots immediately so I can get more. Listen to me, like some kind of mad eyeshadow addict, desperate for a constant supply. I’m really happy with everything else, the white is probably the weakest link, a more iridescent one would have been better for inner corners. The two browns, both matte and shiny one are both brilliant everyday shades, and the black is okay… it’s got that micro-glitter in it that just falls away and is a bit pointless. This is a brilliant Christmassy palette, ideal for a gift. And by that I mean a gift to yourself, of course.




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