Luxury Chocolate Advent Calendar


You’re never too old for an advent calendar, especially when each door opens on to one of 24 handmade artisan chocolates you’ve chosen specially. Art Chocolat create exquisite hand-painted chocolates, seeing each one as a piece of art. When you order an advent calendar for yourself or a friend/lover, they’ll give you a choice of a random selection, or a menu which you can select from. Then they mix them up so you don’t know which day is which choc. I went with the latter option so I could eliminate chocolates I hate, like coffee and super-dark, yuck! Instead I have a beautiful range that includes lemon meringue, peanut butter, praline, rose and coconut, strawberries and white chocolate, salted caramel almond, and velvet vanilla. I can’t even remember what they all are, but they range from standard looking chocs (below) to insanely vivid-coloured ones. Take a look at their website, they do boxes and bars you can order in time for Christmas. They really are something out of the ordinary for chocolate lovers, though I appreciate the old-fashioned Victorian-style calendar, it looks super Christmassy on the mantlepiece.

Advent calendar £35.99 from Art Chocolat




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