Yeti & The Fox Hangover Cure


Just when you thought 2020 couldn’t get any worse, the UK has started a second lockdown this week. It feels like a Christmas party season will be held on Zoom, if at all. Getting sent Christmassy things to review has felt weird this year, like brands are being overly optimistic. However, looking at these hangover pills which Yeti & The Fox kindly sent me, I am thinking these will be just the thing for lockdown, where excessive drinking may or may not be done around the US Election, working form home, and other events requiring some livening up. Yeti & The Fox recommend two pills just before you get your prosecco on, and then a third one just before you hit the hay (if you can remember). You’ll wake up feeling like you drank water and green smoothies all night, headache and nausea-free. I’m looking forward to trying these, and they’d make great Secret Santa or stocking gifts, if gift-giving is still a thing in 2020. These are suitable for vegetarians, soy and gluten-free, and you can get them here.



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