If like me, you just replace tweezers every few years once they lose their pizzazz, and if (like me) you tend to go for the pricier brands as you know life’s just too short for blunt cheap ones, then you’ll be pleased to know you can save bucks simply by investing in one good pair of tweezers and a Tweezerfile. There’s a how-to video on their website, but basically you run your tweezer points along this (diamond plated!) metal file, and it sharpens them up a treat, giving you that brand-new tweezer feeling. It’s a simple piece of kit that every beauty fan should have, and would make a fantastic Christmas stocking filler. It comes in coral or petrol blue (above) and costs £19.99 – way cheaper than tweezer replacement. You’re welcome.

Kindly gifted from Tweezerfile



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