Healthy Winter Snacks


I’ve been sent some scrumptious food items in PR, and thought I’d do a roundup in case you’re looking for some late-autumn or winter appropriate goodies. Get a load of these MOMA porridges, the healthy way to enjoy a warm bowl of oats with syrup and toppings, hmmm… Each box contains seven satchets that you just add hot water to and mix. Not only do they have insanely yummy flavours like apple, date and caramel so you can be all fancy at breakfast, but they’re vegan, have no added sugar, and oats are a source of fibre shown to reduce blood cholesterol. Next up are the limited edition apple almond spice snack bars from KIND. If you haven’t tried KIND bars you really need to, not only do they have some delicious flavours and help you snack without sending blood sugars sky-high, they also have initiatives with the money you give them to help the planet and be all-round lovely.

Boundless offer an array of nut/seed snack packs and you can get 15% off your first order. Way healthier than crisps but with all the same flavour. You can snack on these on the go, or do what I’ve been doing with them and sprinkle them on salads – they’re a game-changer, especially the spicier ones. Finally, Pip and Nut came through with some of their new babies, including crunchy maple peanut butter and limited edition gingerbread almond butter. These are the kings of nut butter – vegan and palm oil free jars of divine buttery goodness. You can check out the recipe for the chocolate gingerbread cookies I made with Pip and Nut here. Enjoy!



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