Fenty Beauty


I’m late to the Fenty Beauty party, but as it was half price in Boots I thought I’d give Rhianna’s range a go. Cream products are the best to work with I find, especially the older you get. These cream blushes in Daiquiri Dip and Crush on Cupid may look like clown paint, but they are truly beautiful washes of colour that give you a rosy just-come-in-from-the-cold look. The bronzer I’m not so sure about, it’s very easy to use, and a nice tan colour, but it made my pale skin look a bit muddy. I do like the way there’s different tones to Rhi-Rhi’s bronzers, and this one is a bit cooler – but I don’t think bronzer warms me up much. I’ll stick to looking rosy. The Glow Stick in PURRRL was the biggest disappointment, it barely showed up on me. The Glossier one is less opaque and much better for making me glow. On the whole, I would try more from Fenty Beauty. The packaging reminds me a bit of H&M’s beauty range (do they still sell that?), and it might be a tad overpriced for the quality of the product too. But it’s Rhianna, she can do whatever she wants and we’ll all be grateful.


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