Dior Christmas 2020


I don’t know why I keep getting these Dior holiday palettes, they pretty much always have the same shades. But they’re SO cute (says my inner monologue as I hit proceed to checkout). This year it has snowflakes embossed, last year it was stars. It feels like Christmas proper when I get the Dior seasonal treasure. The olive shade looks so good in the pan, and I do like it, but wish it didn’t have that black undertone to it. Sometimes those kind of shades can just end up looking like murky blacks on the lids. I’m yet to wear it, but I did do a really nice look the other day (for a Zoom meeting, where else am I going in 2020 lockdown amirite?) using the top shade (below) all over the lid and the brown in my outer corners. It looked super shiny and blended very well. You’ll never be disappointed with the quality of Dior shadows, I just wish they’d step out of their comfort zone a bit, their new range is pretty much thirteen new palettes of the same six shade variations. The snowflake lipstick comes in red and this coral-nude (above). As there’s no Christmas parties this year I went with the more everyday shade, and absolutely love it. It’s comfortable, flattering, and makes me feel super festive.



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