Colourpop Mandalorian Palette


My heart when I see little baby Yoda (who is of course not actual Yoda) in Disney’s The Mandalorian! I want a little green alien baby of my own, it’s beyond cute. I even considered getting one of those expensive toy ones that move and make cute sounds, but that’s probably a step too far. This eyeshadow palette from Colourpop seems like a good middle ground – cute but not too childish, something I wouldn’t be embarrassed to explain to other adults. Look at how excited I was, I didn’t even take the protective plastic thing off the mirror, sorry about that.



The Child IS the cutest in the galaxy, and this wee green-themed palette is none too shabby either. I was a bit hesitant as I just got this minty-green Colourpop one, but The Mandalorian is more of an olive spectrum. Right Hand Mando (second from top swatch below) is my favourite, a deliciously foiled green-tinted silver that will be amazing on the lid with nude shade Just Like A Tatooine in the crease. The Force has let me down a little bit (third swatch from the bottom) it’s not as powerful as you’d think, it’s kind of gritty and wishy-washy, but I guess the Force is all about balance (wink). Absolutely loving this mix of shiny and matte, and Precious Cargo is a great inner corner shade. What a little cutie, just the cover of this palette cheers me up.



Colourpop Mandalorian palette, £16



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