Nailkind Vegan Nail Polish


I’m frequently falling in love with new nail colours, but it’s been a minute since I fell for a whole new nail brand, especially this hard. Nailkind got in touch to ask if I wanted to try their autumn shades, and immediately I loved the aesthetic of the bottles, and the vegan, mostly natural ingredients. I tried Lady Marmalade (above, left), a turmeric, pumpkin-esque shade that’s perfect for the spooky season. I was shook with how easy this glided on to my nails. It seemed much thinner than other polishes, but this made it easier to get quick, evenly polished nails. The texture didn’t impact the opacity in any way, but I still needed two coats. It is SUCH a pretty colour, but I was further blown away with how little it chipped over a whole week of wearing it. Eventually, the only bit of my nail coming through was the bottom section as it grew. I started to worry this had stained my nail as I’m not used to totally chip-free polishes, but it came off without any fuss or residue. I’m also loving the grey and dark green in the range, and I cannot wait for their Christmas shades out soon. Head over to the website and look at the colours, I want them all – especially the Romantic Collection and the lemon shade.

Nailkind is a Copenhagen brand that believe luxury beauty can be both affordable and kind. They worked hard to create a glossy, quick drying formula that’s vegan and cruelty free. Move over Chanel, this is my new nail obsession.

From the 30th October to the 2nd Nov get 15% off with code Prosecco15

Polishes kindly gifted from Nailkind


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