Colourpop Mint And Lilac Palettes


I have a love/hate relationship with these wee Colourpop palettes. They’re good value for money, especially when they’re on sale, but the quality is decidedly hit and miss. I was in a springtime mood when I got Lilac You A Lot and Mint To Be, so apologies these are not in keeping with my new autumn aesthetic, but cute pastels are welcome on my eyelids all year round.



Mint To Be is okay, a sold six out of ten. It’s pretty much several variations of the same icy mint, with some matte greens thrown in. I think these shimmer shades will be great for highlighting the inner corner of the eye, and that teal at the top is delicious. Though I’m wondering how to wear it without looking like I’m heading to a 1960s party.



Both these palettes have some iffy mattes, some of them are on the slightly chalky side. I just saw one of them is literally called Iffy (below), lol, Colourpop don’t deny it. The shimmers and sparkles though are all good, that Fluff one (below, centre) is next-level foiled.



Out of the two I prefer the Lilac, it has more wearable shades, including three really beautiful duo-chrome shades. They’re not showing up so well below, but they have beautiful purple and pink shifts with wet-look finishes. Even that Iffy purple (top, below) is a beaut, I think using it as an eyeliner will help the green in my hazel eyes pop. These tiny sets come in a huge range of colours and are just the job for when you need a little palette pick me up. You know what I’m talking about.



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