Essential Autumn Shopping


It feels like just yesterday I was invited by TK Maxx to come and pick Halloween items from their Oxford Street store, and those gems are ready to come out of storage as soon as the calendar says 1st of September. But of course I’ll need a quick refresh, and love nothing more than browsing for autumnal and Halloween themed goodness. Here’s a few essentials on my mind (yes, that’s right, essentials). In the top left image is this cute orange-brown mug from Oliver Bonas, which gets extra points for being round and pumpkin-like. I have some delicious pear and cinnamon tea to drink from this. And speaking of drinking, of course I’ll be having some Starbucks holiday-season hot-chocolates (or just ordering peppermint ones as per usual), but I want this Hotel Chocolat hot-chocolate maker so much (bottom left pic). I’ve heard it makes the best HC’s, though it could be dangerous having them on tap, so to speak, in your own home.

I literally cannot have an autumn wreath as I live in an apartment block where my post goes missing, and even my doormat was stolen, so wreaths are right out. If I owned a sweet little Surrey cottage like the one in The Holiday I would get something like this, which is a bargain and you wouldn’t be too sad if it got nicked. It’s the same with pumpkins, can’t have those outside, but I’d like to try and grow my own on my balcony. The Pumpkin Store has everything you need to grow, carve, decorate, look at, eat and drink pumpkins, as well as toys, costumes and Halloween decorations. For Halloween party food you cannot go wrong with The Hummingbird Bakery, which always has the cutest seasonal delights, plus pumpkin-spice flavoured treats for yourself throughout the season.

And finally, for getting cosy at home a chunky blanket and some candles are a must. Pumpkin scented candles can sometimes be a bit too sweet and make me light-headed, so I like other fall scents such as this forest candle from Skandinavisk, which they describe as bruce and pine mixed with aged leather. Hmm… foresty. These giant knit blankets have not gone away, not surprising when they look so good and are terrific to cocoon yourself in. I’m not sure if I’d go for this seasonal orange (above), it’s quite the statement, but it also comes in softer autumnal hues like amber, burgundy and cinnamon. Let the best season of the year begin.



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