Omorovicza Blue Diamond – The £600 Treatment


The Omorovicza Blue Diamond duo will change your skin for the better, but at a price. £600! Well, £570 to be exact, but still, it’s a big investment in skincare. Regular readers will know how much I love this brand, based on the ancient thermal waters of Hungary. They believe in the healing powers of nature over chemical nastiness, and their Blue Diamond range is packed with amino-acids, copper and diamond peptides which optimise penetration of anti-ageing ingredients in to the skin. The Blue Diamond Concentrate (£295) is a curious thing, it works to prolong the life of healthy skin cells and add luminosity to the skin, and it will make your face feel velvety smooth to touch, though slightly dry and tight on the inside. Something is firming up, that’s for sure, but when you add moisturiser this feeling quickly goes. The Blue Diamond Supercream (£275) feels luxurious, it hydrates my skin all day.

This duo have been the saviours of my skin during the Covid-19 lockdown in which I’ve had less fresh air and sleep, and more carbs than ever, though you wouldn’t be able to tell this from my Blue Diamond face, which is radiant, glowing and looks like I’ve just stepped out of a spa having had some kind of expensive treatment. I’ve also been using the Blue Diamond Resurfacing Peel (£145) once a week, a fab exfoliating tingly mask that renews and softens skin, whilst turning it (temporarily) beetroot red. I like it as a bedtime treatment to help boost cell renewal as I sleep, as much as I can sleep during a global pandemic. If you’ve got some serious cash to spend on skincare I can’t recommend these enough, a little goes a long way, so there’s a good six months of daily use in them, and you’ll have people (currently for me, on Zoom) saying you look really well. There’s a 15% discount when you first buy from their website, and free delivery on orders over £50. There’s also currently a gift box of both full-size items for £400 (or £340 if you use the 15% discount, maths fans).


Omorovicza kindly gifted me these three items. 


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