Apologies it’s been long-time no blog. This past month has been hectic with the changes that the Covid-19 lockdown has brought, and as ever I’ve had so much work to do. It’s such an odd feeling to be in the midst of a global pandemic, and to be ordered by the government to stay inside my home. Like everyone, I’ve had my ups and downs. I long to wander around museums and go to see films again, but I’m also scared about being out and catching and/or spreading the virus. The news is heartbreaking every day, and I’ve retreated away to do my writing, which at times is comforting and gives me purpose (and I’m very lucky I can work from home), and other times I feel a strange disconnect, and find it hard to work or sleep or do anything except worry. Reading has been a huge help, and I’ve been getting through books like there’s no tomorrow (eek!). Expect mucho book content, but I’ve also got some beauty reviews too. Adults is great because it’s about the anxiety we all feel about ‘doing adulthood right’ that still manages to be unique to us and our own specific concerns. Social media is used a particular harbinger of fitting-in anxiety; Instagram is the place Emma Jane Unsworth kicks off a humorous drama about friendships, love, sex and a life lived online. I inhaled this over a couple of days, it’s fast-paced, and as someone who spends a good eighty percent of my time online, it sometimes hit a little too close to home. Unsworth’s previous hit novel, Animals, was turned in to a film, and I can see this one making similarly good TV or a movie. Like it (and give it a follow).




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