Amy Poehler Yes Please


I only vaguely knew Amy Poehler from films like Mean Girls (fun mom) and Blades of Glory. It wasn’t until I lived in America during Obama’s glorious 2008 victory campaign that I saw her regularly on SNL doing her Hilary Clinton impression alongside Tina Fey as Sarah Palin, and then of course she went on to do the epic Parks and Recreation. Yes Please is a brilliant quick read to cheer you up on a grey afternoon, a quick witted part memoir and part advice book that covers ambition, work, friendship, sex and family, all in tiny amusing chunks, and even makes a heartbreaking section on divorce hilarious. I love feminist books like this that don’t lay any claim to be “how to-do feminism” guides, but still offer women advice and inspiration on going for the things you want in life, and not giving a shit about the mistakes, or what other people think about you.



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