Vegan Christmas Dinner


The Vegan Larder kindly sent me one of their deluxe Christmas hampers, the ideal festive gift for the plant-based person in your life. Not gonna lie, I’m a bit weirded out by the tofu pate and hemp fudge, but that’s the beauty of a hamper, you get to try new things. I cannot wait to stock up on cheeses and prosecco, and settle down with those crackers, plum chutney and and spicy olive tapenade for a carpet picnic in front of Drag Race (or something more Christmassy). I am absolutely loving the idea of a vegan wagon wheel biscuit too! I love that it comes in festive foil. The chocolate reindeers and cinnamon popcorn are such nice sweet treats, but the best thing has to be that thick Yorkshire gravy. It’s so hard to get good vegetarian or vegan gravy for roast dinners – yeah Bisto is veggie, but it’s not proper good roastie gravy. Check out The Vegan Larder’s xmas gift hampers, there’s also a chocolate one and a pate one for savoury fans. You can also gift someone a subscription so they can have a whole year of carefully curated vegan goodies sent to their door. And when I say gift someone, you know I meant gift yourself, right?

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