PAYOT Morning Masks


I’m such a big fan of wearing face masks in the morning whilst I’m getting ready. Having some super-charged hydration sinking in to my skin as I make breakfast or sort my clothes out is a good use of time, and it means my face is less puffy and more radiant before makeup goes on. Finally, a brand has launched actual morning masks, and of course that brand would be legendary Parisian trendsetters, PAYOT. Their range is available in the UK at and other online beauty stores. Each sheet mask is easy to apply and non-drip, they’re cooling and soothing, which is amazing when you’re feeling, ahem, a little dehydrated in the festive party season. The Look Younger one is my favourite, it smells amazing with notes of pear and rose. They’re all pretty good, to be honest, and you’ll love how plumped up your skin looks, like you’ve had oodles of sleep and are the picture of morning health and radiance, even if inside you’re feeling the total opposite. Hangover would make a great Secret Santa gift if your place of work goes in for that sort of thing, or a stocking filler to help someone through the end of year merriment.

PAYOT kindly gifted me these, you can see the whole range here



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