Hormone Regulating Pills


First skin guru Marie Reynolds had one of the best facials in town, now she has a range of herbal supplements that are vegan, sugar-free, and designed to tackle the underlying causes of skin issues and general wellness. Yve is perfect for women whose fluctuating hormones cause stress, tiredness and low mood (we’ve all been there). A big dose of vitamin B6 regulates hormone activity, whilst zinc makes you feel more wide awake, as well as providing the added bonus of improved skin, nails and hair. Also in the range are remedies for repairing (ideal for post-workout), gut health, inflammation, and ageing (take a closer look at the range here). Everything is natural and chemical-free, and designed to make you feel calmer, more balanced, and in control. I highly recommend.

Prices start at £21 for 60 capsules


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