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It’s a truth universally acknowledged that at the first hint of post-summer sweater-weather bloggers will go absolutely cray with their autumnal content. Just two weeks in to September and apparently there’s a massive heatwave on the way in the UK, but that aside, it’s time to get thinking about cosy afternoons under blankets with candles lit, hot drinks being drunk, and books being read. I was delighted when TK Maxx asked me if I’d like a tour round their new Oxford Street branch (where the New Look used to be near Oxford Circus), and knowing how well they do homeware I had little pumpkin shapes in front of my eyes (seasonal, but the same as little hearts).

If you don’t know TK Maxx, where have you been? It’s the european version of America’s TJ Maxx, and is a veritable treasure trove of clothes, shoes, accessories, furniture, home goodies and even food, and it’s well known for having high street and even designer brand items with up to 60% off their retail price. On my way to the Halloween section (yes, that’s a thing), I did have a good old snoop around, and was amazed at the handbags, and even saw a pair of a certain red-soled designer high-heels for only £150… I think you know what I’m talking about.



Anyway, back in the home section I needed to hold myself back from physically wooping and cheering at all their autumnal wares. If candles are your thing – head there pronto, there’s a whole aisle of non-seasonal beauties, and then two sections of what must be limited edition autumn ones. I almost made myself giddy sniffing falling leaves, bonfires, caramel apples, and just about every way pumpkin can be scented in wax – spiced, smoked, in a pie, in a latte, combined with marshmallows and nutmeg and brown sugar and so on. I came away with the yellow glass one on the left (below), not just because it smells of delicious pumpkin spice, but I feel it’s a pretty pot I will use for trinkets once the candle’s finished.



If flavoured coffees and hot-chocolates are your thing they literally have hundreds of spooky specials (mostly pumpkin related, not gonna lie, but there’s a good range of other things too), as well as many, many flavoured syrups so you can have your pumpkin spice lattes all season for a fraction of Starbucks’ prices.



I’m telling you now, I’m not afraid of some Halloween tat about the place. I quite like decorating the house a bit in September and October. Not a lot, mind – not as much as Christmas, but a few well-placed pumpkin ornaments, some fairy-lights and candles can set the mood. My inner magpie honed in on the sparkly pumpkins (top photo) and I bought the big one, I absolutely love it. Only £12 for a sizeable and super-cute (and totally camp) bit of seasonal glitter. I also got the Poison Apple candle (below) to add a bit of drama to the mantelpiece – it pretty much smells of crisp apples (hopefully no poison). Both my candles were only £9.99 each, which is amazing, especially as the pumpkin one is a three-wick beast, this truly is the store for bargains.



The great thing about TK Maxx is you can now shop online, so you can have a look at their candles and Halloween bits from the comfort of your own cosy autumnal nest (or heatwave soaked September), though I really recommend popping in to the store for exclusives. Won’t be long until the Christmas stock comes in, and I’ll be straight back there for seasonal-appropriate candles and festive knick-knacks. It’s the blogger way.


Collaborative post with TK Maxx


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