Payot Gold Body Scrub


If Willy Wonka branched out in to beauty this would surely be his first release. A delicious smelling, shining gold body scrub (from 100 year old French brand, Payot, just to be clear) that will brighten up your morning shower. This ultimate pampering treat is needed just once a week to gently smooth your skin and help reduce any patches of texture, ideal for pre-tanning or just to get rid of dead skin cells or little bumps. Golden sugar granules mixed with jojoba oil make sure your skin is being softened whilst exfoliated, and the stunning amyris scent lasts for hours. This would make a fantastic Christmas gift, if you want to rock up like one of the three wise men with some gold, but it’s also the perfect payday treat for you and your skin.

You can find this precious metal pot online at Escentual and Lookfantastic. Payot kindly gifted me this one.



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