Colourful Shape Earrings


A few weeks ago I saw a woman walking by wearing the cutest red triangle stud earrings, and me being me of course I asked her where they’re from. She said somewhere in the Brighton Lanes, but couldn’t remember the name of the store. A bit of snooping on Trouva (an easy way to browse independent UK boutique stores) I tracked down the brand – Claudia Made This – and then found her on Etsy. I guess you could say I’m a bit of a fashion detective… or that I have too much time on my hands.



These cute studs range from £5-£12 depending on the style, and are as cute as a button. The perfect thing to just chuck on and complete an outfit with minimal fuss.



Only time will tell if they give me problems (cheap earrings with nickel tend to irritate my skin), but for now I’m enjoying looking at their 80’s-tastic colourful cuteness. I’m hoping to be stopped and asked about my own red triangles (or yellow or blue ones) by a randomer on the streets of London soon.

Check out Claudia’s Etsy shop here



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