Linda Meredith Facial


The reception room of Linda Meredith’s Knightsbridge salon is filled with signed portraits of celebrities, everyone from Gwyneth Paltrow to Kate Moss, all thanking Linda Meredith for transforming their skin. Linda herself doesn’t give facials here anymore, she’s too busy running her skincare empire, but all the staff here have been trained by her to deliver the range of treatments that made Linda Meredith the queen of facials.



The salon is so low-key I walked past it on a pretty Knightsbridge side street, those celebs must like to keep things very private. Friendly staff welcomed me in this Georgian townhouse, and I was taken to a cosy room where my bed is made up next to an ornate fireplace.



For the next hour and a half I enjoy the Haute Couture Facial, a treatment that takes tailor-made to the next level. The Linda Meredith principal is that no one has totally normal, oily, or combination skin, and we create problems by using products unsuitable for the ways in which our face skin changes from section to section. Linda feels strongly that skin problems occur within us, not in the top layers of skin, so we need to consider the impact of things like diet allergies. My therapist spends time really examining my face and asking me questions to make an assessment of what I need right now. A tingly micro-peel serum is applied to get rid of dead skin and clean the pores, and this is followed by a collagen sheet mask, fixed to the skin with cold water. A tiny jet of medical-grade oxygen is moved over the skin which helps the collagen penetrate deeply. It’s an odd sensation, like having a tiny ice-cubes rubbed over you.

I was thinking this would be the perfect facial to have when you’re hungover, or at the end of a long, hot day at work. This goes on for a good half hour, and whilst it’s relaxing, I’m wondering if my face will ever feel room temperature again. Afterwards sun screen is applied and it’s not long before I’m back on the boiling hot side street, wishing I could be under the oxygen spray once more. My two favourite things about this facial: the smell of the Linda Meredith products, they are divine, and they’re full of goodness, I want to try these asap. The second is the long lasting effects; my face was glowing for days. All my products feel like they’ve had an upgrade in making my skin look even better, and makeup glides on like a dream. This facial isn’t just for hangovers, it would be ideal for when you have a special occasion coming up and you want everyone to comment on how well rested you look. It without a doubt works.



Linda Meredith skincare products are available online and in the salon. The Haute Couture Facial with Collagen lasts 90 mins and costs £185. I was kindly gifted this treatment.  



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