Chanel Blurry Eye Palettes


Not gonna lie, the eyeshadow palettes in Chanel’s Spring/Summer 2019 beauty collection look more like autumn/winter shades. But they do make a welcome change from the usual bright oranges and blues that beauty brands think are all we want in warmer months. There are four eye quads in the ‘Blurry’ range, and I got three of them – Blurry Green, Blurry Mauve, and Blurry Grey. There’s also Blurry Blue, but I didn’t fancy that one as much. If you haven’t tried Chanel quads before, they’re so fantastic, this one is one my favourite and most used eyeshadow palettes of all time. I love that green in the bottom-left of the Blurry Green quad (above), though I have to say it disappointingly swatches more like a grey (second from bottom in first row of swatches, below). I’d have loved a more vibrant green in this formula. I can’t fault any of the other shades, they’re all so creamy, either matte or with a hint of sparkle.



They might look a little boring as swatches, but they’re a very nice set of sophisticated shades and textures, ideal for everyday looks – I wouldn’t expect anything less from Chanel. The Autumn/Winter shadows (which are usually my faves from Chanel) have already been launched in the US, and I have to say – I’m way more excited about those. The Blurry set are nothing I’d urge you to buy, they’re definitely not the most exciting Chanel Beauty launch this year, but if you’re in need of some new neutrals they’re ever such beautiful shadows, and the formula is hard to beat.





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