Alpha-H Clear Skin Blemish Control Mask


Whether your skin is acne prone or just gets the odd blemish it can benefit from a good old clay mask to decongest pores and balance the skin’s natural oils. Alpha-H sent me their Clear Skin Blemish Control Mask to try, and boy does this white clay take no prisoners. It smells strongly of tea tree oil and eucalyptus, and hardens immediately to draw out the toxins. Regular use can not only keep breakouts at bay, but this clever clay also reduces hyperpigmentation and red marks left by previous spots, plus it can be used as an overnight spot treatment – absolute bonus. The ingredients are all natural, not a single chemical to be found, and I loved how it left my skin feeling soft and nourished, rather than all dried out like some clay masks can. This is perfect for me as a pre-menstrual mask, but I will try and use it once a week to work on evening out my skin tone too.



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