Zoella Colourpop Brunch Date


I don’t need an excuse to combine two of my favourite things – eating expensive breakfast foods and rummaging around a new set of makeup, though I did appreciate the brunch-appropriate blog content this combination of activities gave me. I’ve not ever tried Colourpop, can you believe that, a beauty blogger who has not tried Colourpop? Well… I have tried Kylie Jenner’s makeup, so technically I have tried it (they make Kylie Cosmetics at the same factory and charge triple the prices, sssh!), but I’m glad my first foray in to this US brand is for their Zoella Brunch Date collab. When this was announced on Twitter I thought Zoella had punched her nan or something, the way people were talking so scathingly. Can our beloved lifestyle content leader ever do anything right again? I’m sure she’s sobbing into her avo-toast, weeping over her almond pastries, and then laughing all the way to the brunch bank. This range has been a hit.



First up, I am loving the packaging. It’s pink and yellow, it has hearts and fried eggs and is cute as heck. I think they missed a trick by not putting yellow shades in the little fried eggs on the eyeshadow palette, but that aside I like how this (below) is a very wearable mix of neutrals with a badass blue thrown in. The texture is fantastic, and you get a good mix of mattes and glitters. I especially liked Skinny Latte, a pretty pink metallic with high-shine, and Mimosa and Maple Syrup are two of the softest mattes I’ve ever tried, they are both brilliant for everyday looks. I do really like the eighties realness of Brunch Club, the blue shade, but I’ll probably try it as an eyeliner.

I also got two unusual but very easy to wear gel eyeliners, one black, one brown and both with tiny gold glitters. The liquid lipsticks (I got a red and a nude), and are so comfy, and FYI – exactly the same formula as Kylie’s lip kits, at a much friendlier price. The heart shaped blusher compact is so Polly-Pocket cute I didn’t want to use it, but it’s a lovely fresh peach that wakes my pale skin up a treat. I’d recommend trying any of these pieces, and I will definitely be going back to try more of Colourpop’s affordable ranges.





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