Guerlain Spring 2019 Makeup


If there’s one thing that’s almost as exciting as the luxury makeup Christmas releases, and the luxury makeup autumn releases, it’s the (yes, you’ve guessed it) luxury makeup spring releases, which always rock up in early January when we couldn’t be further away from spring. Pastels aplenty, I usually cannot get enough of the twee springtime vibe. This year, however, I’ve not been blown away by Chanel or Dior’s offerings (though this could be subject to change), and instead I’ve fallen absolutely head over heels in love with two bits from Guerlain’s spring collection – their famous meteorites pearls in new compact form, and possibly one of the most beautiful highlighters I have EVER seen. And I’ve seen (and own) a lot of highlighters.

The compact comes in three shades for different skin tones, I’ve got the lightest being the pale and uninteresting person that I am, and it’s just a fantastic all over face powder for setting makeup and adding some brightness to your complexion. I love the meteorites pearls, but this is obviously better for travelling with. Do not be alarmed by sweeping green and lilac on to your visage, it all works in wondrous harmony to even your complexion and make you look healthy, and not just in springtime. The highlighter (below) is called the Meteorites Highlighter Duo, so they’re going with the pretty glow that the pearls possess, and this is the intense version. The pink side is more glittery, but a subtle everyday sparkle, whilst the holographic side has a soft texture that’s hard to define, it almost sinks in to the skin as you blend. It gives an amazing lit from within look, and you can layer the pink over it for a cute flush, or swirl them together or just wear one colour – go crazy, why not. It comes in the cutest white plastic compact with a decent mirror, it’s something I will probably wear all year and then be sad when it’s gone, because this is very limited edition. Maybe I’ll double up…





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