Trying Plasma Plexr At Artistry Clinic


Skin tags, what even are they? They’re so weird and gross, a tiny bit of your own skin has gone rogue and just formed its own little mutinous clump away from the rest of you. Those bobbly little bits are usually caused either by friction (skin rubbing against clothes or other bits of your skin), though some people might just be susceptible to them. I have a bobbly beast on my shoulder that I presume was caused by my bag straps rubbing, but how the heck did I get a few on the back of my neck and one in my inner elbow? They were not only unsightly, but could be damn painful whenever I got my hair stuck in them or pulled on them by accident when getting dressed. I wanted them gone.

Enter Dr Sarah Shah at Artistry Clinic like some kind of angel. She’s way more than a skin tag angel of course, the clinic will make all kinds of skin issues disappear in a non-surgical way, or enhance and fill them if that’s your thing. Not only does Dr Shah look like an amazing advert for all her treatments (she is flawless), she knows more about skin than you or I ever will, and she has a dry sense of humour, asking me if I wanted to take my removed tags home with me.



Dr Shah recommended a treatment called Plasma Plexr which uses heat and light to remove skin in a non-surgical way. It’s commonly used for excess skin (such as bags) around the eye, but can also be used for erasing scars and removing moles and skin tags. It has the added bonus of tightening remaining skin tissues and boosting collagen.



Dr Shah started with my arm (above) so that I could see how it works. She positions the rod (it’s not a needle) where the skin needs removing and a current is created. In the case of skin tags she needs to work at the stalk (eww!), and magically the skin vanishes and the tag detaches from the skin. I’d liken the sensation to tattoo removal, it’s an irritating sting, but it’s over in seconds so it’s bearable.



Dr Shah got out a ruler and suggested I took this lovely photo above. I’m sorry, I hope you weren’t eating as you read this. This are my tags, RIP. Five from the back of my neck, one from my arm, and as you can see – Dr Shah can remove even the tiniest ones with hardly any stalk. We’d talked a bit about what the skin would look like afterwards, I’d imagined silvery scar tissue like I have in places where I’ve had moles removed in the past. Dr Shah said it would be more like a spot that’s been picked and would heal. They were sore for a day or two (you get given a cream to apply), but a couple of weeks on and I’m amazed. I can’t really see my neck ones, but the arm one for example – I cannot even see where the tag used to be. There’s no spot, no mark, no remains of anything. It’s a totally clear and smooth area. It’s been such a relief to become tag-free; no more painful catching or pulling of them, and no more weird bobbly bits to look at. I highly recommend Artistry Clinic for quick, efficient and friendly service that leaves you feeling so much better about yourself.

Artistry Clinic kindly offered me this complimentary service to review, take a look at their treatments and prices here



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