The Summerton Club


If you’re looking for an amazing Christmas gift idea for the lover of delicious spirits in your life, or if perhaps you want to treat yourself and stock up your drinks cart, The Summerton Club is one you need to join. This subscription club allows you (or the lucky person you’re gifting) to try a bottle of premium spirits that you cannot buy anywhere in the UK each and every month. Imagine pulling out this Swedish single malt whiskey at your next dinner party and smugly telling people they can’t get it in the shops over here when they exclaim how amazing it is. The Summerton Club go above and beyond to source interesting and aged brandies, rums, whiskies and more from around the world, giving you a totally unique treat each month.

They kindly sent me October 2018’s bottle, Mackmyra Gruvguld Swedish single malt, which comes in the most stylish bottle I think I’ve ever seen whiskey in. This brand was created by a group of friends who realised Sweden had no whiskey distilleries, so whilst keeping their day jobs they set one up, doing every thing by hand, and using locally sourced barley and bread yeast, plus juniper branches for the smoking process. They even use Swedish oak trees for their barrels, and age their whiskey in casks fifty meters below ground in the Bodas mine. This all sounds way more impressive for a festive present than handing over the usual bottle of Scotch, eh?

Take a look at The Summerton Club’s gift packages, you can select monthly, bi-monthly or a whole host of other options. You can also take a look at the stylish and intriguing previous bottles of the month they’ve offered. The ideal Christmas present, especially if you give it to someone who’s going to offer you a glass or two.



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