Ten Winter Instagram Accounts To Follow


I actually got a blog post request! Someone liked my content (other than my blogging advice posts which I sometimes get questions about) and asked me to do more it, I can’t believe it. Following on from the ten autumn/Halloween Instagram accounts to follow, here’s a HIGHLY requested post (from one person) to do ten winter accounts of amazement. Yes ma’am! Below is Winter Goals, an account of snowy deliciousness, and the top picture is the log cabin realness of The Cozy Days.



If you love all things festive, you might like to follow Christmas Hype or Christmas Autumn (below).



Winter Wonderland Girl (below) curates the best in cosy house imagery, including kitsch houses.



If you spend a lot of time thinking about Christmas trees and what to put on them, the tree porn at Christmas Interior (below) might be for you.



For some of us, winter mostly means seasonal foods. Luckily, food blogger Magda Reszela (below) has you covered with endless pastries, cookies, cakes and hot-chocolates. Her account is seasonal, so you’ll need to scroll through to find your desired time-of-year foodporn fest.



The Cabin Land (below) is also seasonal. So whilst there’s prime snowy log-cabin content right now, a couple of months ago they had insanely good autumnal images. I am living for that Home Alone projector viewing.



Loving Season (below) has an interesting autumn-in-to-winter thing going on, and is as Hygge as you like.



You can never follow enough Christmas accounts, right? Holly Jolly Christmas (below) shows how it’s done in the US. Like the house in Home Alone, with less burglar drama.



I tried to find good Christmas Disney, Christmas movie, and vintage or kitsch Christmas/winter accounts to follow but couldn’t find any, even Disney’s own accounts are really not selling the seasonal vibe. Let me know if you find anything along these lines. Happy scrolling!




  1. December 6, 2018 / 5:57 pm

    This is gorgeous! All the ig you curated. They all look so magical. Def will check them out xo


    • Sarah
      December 7, 2018 / 12:42 am

      Thanks lovely! Xx

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