Four Hundred Blog Post Ideas


We all all suffer from bloggers’ block at one time or another, and it can be frustrating. You have the urge to write, you just don’t know what to write about. Here’s 400 blog post ideas that will hopefully spark some ideas for you, they’re divided in to categories, some of which you’ll be able to use at key moments throughout the year when people are looking for that particular theme – e.g. exam time, festive period, world mental heath day, etc. Make sure you leave a link in in the comments to your post if you use any of the ideas, so we can all check it out.



1.) The moment that changed you

2.) Losing or strengthening your religious beliefs

3.) A struggle with physical or mental illness

4.) A phobia or fear you have

5.) A negative memory you have and can’t let go of

6.) A positive memory that you think of to comfort you/inspire you

7.) Understanding more about my heritage and what it means to me

9.) Feeling at a crossroads in life

10.) Advice I would give my teenage self


Childhood Memories

1.) Favourite toys (include pictures or adverts from YouTube)

2.) Favourite foods and/or sweets

3.) Talking through your some of your childhood outfits (using photos)

4.) A negative childhood memory and why it’s stuck in your mind

5.) A happy childhood memory and how it’s shaped you

6.) Comparing childhood holidays to your grown-up ones

7.) Your childhood Christmas Day routine

8.) Childhood events you have absolutely no memory of (using photos)

9.) School memories (playground games, stationery, friends, lessons)

10.) The time you talked your parents in to letting you have something



1.) Why exams are important/unimportant to you

2.) Why you chose to go to/not go to university

3.) How to choose a university

4.) Revision tips

5.) Essay writing tips

6.) Stationery haul

7.) How to be organised at school/college/uni

8.) Book recommendations

9.) School/uni happy memories and regrets

10.) Tips for living in student accommodation/uni room décor haul



1.) When did you know you wanted to have children

2.) Why you don’t want to have children/haven’t decided yet

3.) Review of pregnancy books – why they did/didn’t work for you

4.) Useful websites/apps for pregnancy or parenting

5.) Newborn haul – recommendations for equipment/clothes/toys

6.) Decorating the nursery before and after

7.) How being a parent has changed your relationships

8.) What you worried about with parenting compared to being a parent

9.) How to prepare for baby number 2 or 3 etc, how to tell first child

10.) Hacks and tips for saving money and making life easier with kids



1.) Tips for saving money with family holidays – best websites/deal times

2.) Thoughts on taking children on holiday in term time

3.) Memories of best ever holiday compared to worst ever (use photos)

4.) Something new you learnt on holiday or a life changing experience

5.) The place you always go back to and why

6.) A holiday romance – real or unrequited

7.) Wishlist of holiday places and why

8.) Trying a camping/budget holiday if you normally only have luxury ones

9.) Trying a new experience, e.g. Trek America or being a farm hand in NZ

10.) The film or TV show that inspired your holiday




1.) How good you are with money/how you got better or need to

2.) Tips for saving money that work for you

3.) Trying money saving tips found online

4.) How to live the luxury lifestyle on a budget

5.) How to live well on a student budget

6.) Things you’d do differently with mortgages/bank accounts/savings

7.) How you earn money from blogging

8.) How to do your accounts when self-employed

9.) Tips for saving money when you own/rent your own home

10.) The incident that made you understand the value of money



1.) The proposal – what I liked, what I wish had gone differently

2.) Wedding wish list (all the things you want)

3.) Trying on wedding dresses

4.) Things you wished you’d done differently with your wedding

5.) Favourite websites/apps/Pinterest boards for wedding help

6.) Alternative wedding ideas

7.) The ultimate wedding playlist

8.) Tips for saving money with the wedding and reception

9.) Honeymoon wish list or where you went for your honeymoon

10.) Wedding worries: people, venue etc, what gives you sleepless nights


Marriage and Relationships

1.) Date night ideas

2.) How you met each other

3.) All the partners you’ve had – how you met/how you broke up

4.) How to stop a relationship going stale

5.) Worst fight you’ve ever had

6.) Most romantic things you’ve done for each other

7.) How you celebrate anniversaries/valentines or why you don’t

8.) Favourite photos from your relationship and why

9.) How marriage has changed your relationship

10.) Dealing with a break-up/divorce


Being Single

1.) How you feel about being single

2.) Ten people from film/TV/books who did being single well (or didn’t)

3.) Dating app recommendations using examples

4.) Interviewing my Tinder dates

5.) Documenting a first date

6.) How to make the most of a date when you’re single

7.) Dating ideas – locations/activities/money saving

8.) Dating outfits I liked and didn’t like

9.) Going on holiday/socialising when you’re single

10.) Being a single parent



1.) My desert island discs (top ten songs of all time and why)

2.) My workout playlist

3.) Five new singers currently killing it

4.) Why this is our song (you and your partner)

5.) Musicals I love/hate and why

6.) Our all time and current music faves (collab with other bloggers)

7.) Popstars I liked at age ten, age eighteen, and now

8.) Where are they now? Popstars/singers/rappers I used to love

9.) Ultimate party playlist

10.) Rating my family’s favourite songs



1.) The film I watched way too young that scarred me

2.) Five films that are not supposed to be scary but scared me anyway

3.) My ten favourite childhood films

4.) My top five Disney films

5.) Watching someone else’s top five films (blogger collab or friend/partner)

6.) Five things I got totally wrong about films when I was younger

7.) The best five film soundtracks of all time

8.) The ten scenes from films that make me cry every goddam time

9.) Films I want to see but the reviews/other people put me off

10.) My ultimate list of the best film actors of all time



1.) My favourite TV shows of this year

2.) The TV shows that deserved a second series but were denied

3.) Where are they now? Characters from shows I used to love

4.) Watching a TV show I loved as a child/teen to see what I think now

5.) Swapping fave TV shows with someone else (blogger collab)

6.) Perfecting the plot of these five TV shows (what I’d do differently)

7.) Unpopular opinion – why I hate the show everyone else loves

8.) The TV programmes I watched as a child

9.) My guilty secret TV shows I pretend I don’t watch

10.) Why I love/hate talking about TV on Twitter during programmes




1.) The best book/s I’ve read so far this year

2.) A monthly book challenge (reading a set number of books)

3.) Trying a book genre I’ve never thought of trying before

4.) Recommendations of book podcasts and book bloggers/vloggers

5.) Books I remember reading at school, why I loved/hated them

6.) Re-reading books I loved as a teen (e.g. Judy Blume, Sweet Valley High)

7.) Books I gave up on and why

8.) My ten desert island books (fave books of all time and why)

9.) Interesting things I’ve learnt from non-fiction recently

10.) Fiction characters I’d date and why


Social Media

1.) How I use Pinterest to increase my blog traffic

2.) How I edit my Instagram photos

3.) Which platform is best for my blog and why

4.) Trying a social media ban for a week

5.) How I schedule my tweets

6.) How I use Facebook for networking with bloggers

7.) The people I’ve met through social media

8.) Funniest/most inspiring/most unusual, etc accounts to follow

9.) Talking through my former profile pictures and bios

10.) The best/worst thing that’s happened to me on social media


Blogging Advice

1.) How I make money from my blog

2.) Why I started blogging

3.) What I’ve learnt in so many years of blogging

4.) My top ten favourite bloggers from different categories

5.) My blogging friendship group

6.) Why I took a blogging break

7.) How to pitch to brands

8.) The do’s and don’ts of attending blogger events

9.) My best/worst blogging experience

10.) How to change your blog design/niche/style/platform


Regrets and Achievements

1.) Why I don’t care about not winning a blog award

2.) What my award (for something) means to me

3.) My biggest career regret

4.) My biggest relationship regret

5.) Things I would differently if I started my blog again

6.) Why I don’t do regrets anymore

7.) My biggest achievement

8.) How I’m working towards what I hope will be my biggest achievement

9.) What my blog has helped me achieve

10.) The motivational quotes that inspire success in me



1.) My career plans as a child/as a teenager

2.) My five step plan to getting my dream career

3.) Ten absolutely mad careers I can’t believe exist

4.) Interview/s with people whose career I want

5.) Website recommendations for careers advice/life coaching

6.) Why I walked away from my dream career

7.) How I ended up working in an industry I never thought I would

8.) Why I decided to blog full time and how I make it work

9.) Tips for being a girl boss in any industry/getting a promotion/pay-rise

10.) My experience of redundancy/maternity leave/longterm sick leave



1.) How to nail an OOTD (outfit of the day) photo (lens/light/poses, etc)

2.) Ten amazing OOTD locations in my town/city

3.) Ten bloggers/Instagrammers I love for their OOTD shots

4.) Best shops for thrift/vintage finds (or trying to find some for first time)

5.) How to customise a garment DIY

6.) Favourite websites for particular items – e.g. for slogan t-shirts

7.) De-cluttering/organising my wardrobe

8.) My five or ten favourite outfits and why (use photos)

9.) Understanding what style works for me and what doesn’t

10.) Fashion haul or wish list




1.) Makeup de-clutter

2.) My ride or die makeup (one item from each category)

3.) Review of a beauty treatment you’ve never had before

4.) How I did my makeup at different ages (e.g. 14, 18, 25, etc – use photos)

5.) Every hair colour I ever had

6.) Advice I would give my 16 year old self about hair, makeup and skin care

7.) Tips for getting rid of acne

8.) Trying an extreme beauty regime for a week, e.g. nightly 10-step cleansing

9.) Ten favourite beauty bloggers/youtubers/Instagrammers and why

10.) Trying drugstore products for a day/week comparing to same in high end



1.) Why I have special dietary requirements and how I make it work

2.) How/why I changed my weight through food

3.) Why I no longer diet

4.) Trying a different diet for a month – gluten-free/vegan/sugar-free, etc

5.) My favourite comfort food recipe

6.) Grocery shopping haul

7.) Trying food from a different country (blogger swap or buy from Amazon)

8.) Swapping diets with another blogger for a week

9.) Trying out an intense online recipe (e.g. rainbow layer cake)

10.) The meal that reminds of someone/something special and why



1.) Why I don’t work out at all

2.) How my life changed with exercise

3.) Why I can never keep up a fitness regime

4.) Ten favourite fitness bloggers/vloggers for inspiration

5.) Trying a totally new workout for a week (online or classes for example)

6.) How I fit exercise in to my busy work life/parent life/student life

7.) workout clothes/shoes try on haul

8.) Trying a sport I used to hate at school

9.) Measuring my fitness and health with an app for a week

10.) Swapping fitness routines with another blogger for a week (collab)



1.) The ten apps I can’t live without

2.) Laptop or tablet (or both)?

3.) The camera/s and lenses I use for blogging/Instagram

4.) Trying a new kitchen gadget

5.) Trying a health/fitness monitor for a week

6.) How I take notes on my iPad

7.) How I make graphics for my blog/Pinterest/etc

8.) How to make a GIF

9.) Accessory haul for your tech, e.g. phone cover, laptop case, etc

10.) Top ten best websites for tech advice


Physical Health

1.) Step by step what to expect from a smear test

2.) Why I’m such a hypochondriac

3.) Trying face mapping

4.) Trying alternative healing, e.g. reflexology

5.) Ten crazy medical conditions I never knew existed

6.) My biggest health scare

7.) Me and my periods (when you started, how you deal with pain, PMS, etc)

8.) Step by step breast check

9.) How I helped a friend/partner/family member get through a health issue

10.) How I improved my health


Mental Health

1.) My fave apps for meditation/mindfulness

2.) How I deal with my mental health issue/s

3.) Recommendations for mental health bloggers/vloggers/websites

4.) Interview with a mental health charity

5.) How blogging/social media affects my mental health

6.) How should we talk about mental health online?

7.) Fiction and/or non-fiction book recommendations on mental health

8.) Film characters that made mental health conditions look realistic

9.) Podcast recommendations on mental health, or that make me feel better

10.) Ten ways I improve my mood immediately


Politics/World Events

1.) Why I don’t vote/always vote

2.) Comparing how the main political parties are representing me

3.) Where I stand on current issues effecting women

4.) Where I get my news from

5.) Trying to get more involved in news and world issues

6.) Why I don’t give a s**t about politics and world issues

7.) Interview with my local MP and/or a female MP

8.) Favourite political podcasts (e.g. Russell Brand Under The Skin)

9.) Review of a panel event or conference on women’s issues

10.) Why I’m involved in a particular cause or charity




1.) Pumpkin painting ideas for people who hate pumpkin carving

2.) Step by step pumpkin carving DIY

3.) Blogger pumpkin carving competition (judged by Twitter poll)

4.) Ten favourite Halloween themed Instagram accounts

5.) Ten favourite Halloween films

6.) Halloween films for people who don’t like horror films

7.) Halloween party tips – food/music/decorations/costumes/games

8.) Halloween bunting DIY

9.) Easy Halloween makeup tutorial

10.) Talking through my past Halloween costumes (using photos)



1.) My Christmas Day routine

2.) Top ten Christmas films

3.) Christmas song playlist

4.) The five best Christmas presents I ever got or gave

5.) Step by step Christmas wrapping DIY

6.) Christmas haul – gifts, advent calendars, jumpers, decorations

7.) Christmas makeup tutorial

8.) Alternative Christmas guide (things to do, charity work, etc)

9.) My worst ever/best ever Christmas

10.) What I got for Christmas



1.) Easter baking – egg shaped cookies, hot cross buns, chocolate nests, etc

2.) Trying out an Easter Egg making class

3.) List of local Easter Egg hunts for families

4.) Making an Easter Egg hunt for fellow bloggers

5.) Painting Easter Eggs challenge with bloggers (vote with Twitter poll)

6.) Drunken or blindfolded Easter Egg painting challenge with partner/friend

7.) Easter Egg haul and tasting

8.) Reviewing Easter gifts for people who don’t like chocolate

9.) My best/worst ever Easter

10.) My Easter weekend routine


The Seasons

1.) Ten things I love about autumn/summer/spring/winter

2.) Ten favourite autumn Instagram accounts

3.) Autumn clothing haul or OOTD

4.) My favourite autumn themed accessories

5.) Autumn candle and décor haul

6.) Trying bikinis when I only wear swimsuits or vice versa

7.) The low down on SPF and sun safety

8.) Clothing recommendations to transition from one season to another

9.) The songs that remind me of summers from my past

10.) Makeup/skincare recommendations for each season



1.) It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to – my birthdays that went wrong

2.) Memorable birthday presents from my childhood

3.) Talking through my birthday party outfits (using photos)

4.) Step by step how to throw an amazing birthday party

5.) Recommendations for where to get unusual or themed gifts

6.) Independent illustrators birthday cards/wrapping paper/decorations

7.) The songs that were number 1 in the charts on all my birthdays

8.) What turning a certain age meant to me

9.) Why I remember this particular birthday

10.) The birthday of a partner/friend/family member that means a lot to me



1.) Where are they now? Stalking old friends online

2.) How to end a toxic friendship

3.) When friends drift apart

4.) Meet my best friends (how we met, what they mean to me)

5.) Meet my blogging friends (how we met, how often we meet up, etc)

6.) When your parent/sibling is your best friend

7.) Can guys and girls be platonic friends?

8.) The top five films/books/TV shows about friendship

9.) How to make friends at work, and are work friends ‘real’ friends?

10.) Making friends when you start a new uni/school/college



1.) Trying to fix something myself using a YouTube video (e.g. broken toilet)

2.) Top ten DIYs from Pinterest I want to try

3.) Trying a DIY from Pinterest (compare their photos to yours at each step)

4.) Making your own step by step DIY

5.) Copying a DIY from an old kids TV show on YouTube (e.g. Blue Peter)

6.) Top ten DIY bloggers/Instagrammers

7.) Where I buy my craft supplies (tips for saving money, finding unusual items)

8.) Trying a home decorating DIY (e.g. stencilling)

9.) Trying a food DIY (e.g. special shaped/coloured pancakes)

10.) Upcycling an item you own (e.g. furniture)



1.) Before and after shots of your home renovation/redecorating

2.) Website recommendations for homeware, décor, furniture, etc

3.) My dream home wish list for each room (with photos)

4.) Homeware haul

5.) Things I’d do differently if I changed a part of my interior again

6.) How I decorate my home for special occasions (e.g. Christmas)

7.) Tips for minimalist interiors or small spaces

8.) Top ten home renovation or new home reveals on YouTube

9.) The home and location I’d choose if money were no object

10.) Tips for choosing colours and styles for different rooms



1.) Lingerie wish list or haul

2.) Sex toy wish list or haul

3.) Trying a new sex position (reporting on it rather than, ahem, documenting)

4.) The weirdest place/s I’ve ever had sex

5.) Things I’d tell my teenage self about sex

6.) Which contraception works for me and why

7.) Recommendations for sex/relationship bloggers/vloggers/podcasts

9.) Sexual health experiences (yours or someone else’s) where to seek help

10.) Good/bad one night stand encounters




1.) The blindfolded baking challenge (with someone helping)

2.) Decorating cookie challenge with other bloggers (vote with Twitter poll)

3.) Trying the same recipe as other bloggers, all bake item on same day

4.) Alternative Christmas cakes for people who hate traditional ones

5.) Trying to bake cakes I loved in childhood (e.g. Battenberg, swiss roll)

6.) Trying to copy a baked item I liked the look of in a film

7.) A series on baking inspired by what I think certain celebrities would like

8.) Tips for boozy baking (baking with booze and/or drinking it whilst baking)

9.) A series on baking for my fave bloggers – items inspired by them

10.) tips for vegan/gluten free/sugar free baking, website recommendations



1.) How/when I came out

2.) Why my disability doesn’t define me

3.) The misconceptions about disability I keep hearing

4.) Recommendations for LGBTQ advice/community sites or podcasts

5.) Why I don’t call myself a feminist

6.) What feminism means to me

7.) What I see when I look in the mirror

8.) Being a blogger of colour

9.) How blogging is/isn’t diverse

10.) Why I choose to identify as this



1.) What I collect and why

2.) My secret hobby

3.) Swapping hobbies with another blogger to try theirs

4.) Trying a hobby I used to love as a kid but gave up on

5.) Why I choose Netflix over hobbies these days

6.) How to choose a new hobby (get inspo from Pinterest for example)

7.) Recommendations for hobbies you don’t have to leave the house for

8.) Trying a hobby that puts me outside my comfort zone

9.) Hobbies you can drink whilst doing

10.) Trying hobbies my parents/grandparents did as kids


Other Entertainment

1.) My best/worst festival experience ever

2.) Why I love/hate magazines and why (going through old/new issues)

3.) Am I the only one who listens to the radio all day? (recommendations)

4.) Hit and miss podcasts in different genres

5.) Theatre recommendations (upcoming or things you’ve seen)

6.) Restaurant recommendations in a particular town/country

7.) Museum/gallery/exhibition recommendations (upcoming or seen)

8.) The most unusual show/s I ever saw (recommend artists/dancers etc)

9.) The best and worst music gig/s I ever went to

10.) Recommendations for saving money/getting tickets/getting info



1.) My travel bucket list

2.) The last place I went to and the next place I’m going to

3.) My gap year/year abroad travel adventures

4.) Pros and cons of travelling with different people (partner, family, on own)

5.) Tips for saving money when travelling regularly

6.) What to see and what to avoid in particular locations

7.) My best/worst travel memories

8.) Tips for making travel less stressful, e.g. airport/flying tips

9.) Travelling around your own country

10.) Recommendations for travel bloggers/vloggers/podcasts/websites


Where I Live

1.) How to save money where you live

2.) Advice for tourists

3.) Street art round-up

4.) Images of local places/things/people that have caught your eye

5.) Living in the country versus living in the city

6.) Local recommendations (restaurants/clubs/pubs/things to do)

7.) What local people are like here

8.) Comparing where you live with another blogger and how it shapes you

9.) When I moved here and why (how it compares to where I grew up)

10.) Buying a house in this area – tips and advice


Autumn images taken from Instagram (credited in this post)


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