Tattoo Removal Results


I’ve had so many emails from people asking me what happened at the end of my tattoo removal journey that I started blogging about in 2015 and didn’t complete. It felt like a few months ago I went for my final treatment, so I was shocked to realise it was in 2016 – where does the time go. I wanted to wait a few months and see how much the ink broke down in my system after the final laser treatment, but clearly waited too long, and now we’re half way through 2018. People obviously do their research online when it comes to investing in expensive treatments that take time and alter their body, and some have stumbled across my review of Pulse Light Clinic, and wondered what on earth happened in the end.

So, to recap – have a quick look at parts one, two and three for the full story on how I ended up with the world’s most hideous shoulder tattoo, and how I found the PicoSure treatment process with Pulse Light. When I look in the mirror I can ever so slightly see something, it’s like a very faint bruise. But that’s only because I was so used to the tattoo being there for years. When I ask people to look at my tattoo they say where? Other people genuinely cannot see anything. Maybe I could have had one more treatment for it to be totally broken down, but I worked with Pulse Light on a set amount of treatments for free in exchange for the reviews, and I’m still really happy with the results. In just four laser treatments I got rid of a jet black eyesore that I’m told had been inked deeper than a normal tattoo, probably due to a tattoo ‘artist’ not knowing what they were doing. I am going to tell my niece and nephews to think long and hard before getting any tattoos, and I won’t tell them how good PicoSure is so they don’t know how easy it is to get rid of tatts. I really recommend Pulse Light Clinic, they have a couple of branches and the staff are amazing and friendly. Goodbye, man with the sword who was supposed to be a Japanese symbol – I don’t miss you.



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