Natura Bisse Collagen 3D Facial At One Aldwych


I’d read so many good things about the Natura Bisse Collagen 3D facial, an intense anti-ageing treatment formulated by the Spanish skincare company behind numerous products aimed at repairing and preventing skin damage. It was hard to find this facial in London, so I was beyond giddy when the One Aldwych hotel asked me to review their newly launched Collagen 3D facial. If you skim through my beauty treatments section, you’ll know I find results-driven treatments the only ones worth having, as opposed to facials where you just have a nice relaxing lie down listening to whale sounds, or *shudder* Enya. The Collagen 3D facial is ninety minutes of relentless massage, and no less than three different masks. It’s powerful stuff, and oh my god it is skin-changing. Tatiana, my lovely therapist, analyses my skin under a magnifying glass, then dims the lights and gets to work, cleansing the skin before applying a glycolic peel to exfoliate and renew the skin. If you’ve never had a chemical peel before, it’s nothing to worry about. Fruit enzymes sting a little bit as they do their thing, and Tatiana took my mind off this with dreamy neck, shoulder and arm massages. After this stage it’s relaxation all the way with massage to contour and tone the facial muscles, an Essential Shock intense mask, and a silicone veil mask which involves a rubbery mask with eye, nose and mouth holes being attached to my face to make the moisturising mask work harder. Whilst this is on, Tatiana fully exfoliates and massages each arm and hand, there’s no down time for her, no leaving the room ‘whilst the mask works’ (avoid facials where this happens like the plague).

Tatiana asks me if I mind my hair getting oily, and unfortunately I have to pass on this as I was getting the tube home. Shame, as I would have killed for a scalp massage. If you can drive to this treatment, or if you’re a guest at the hotel, I envy you as it must take this to the next level. To finish, Tatiana applies sunscreen as the chemical peel makes your skin highly sensitive to the sun’s rays, and we have a heatwave situation in the UK right now (one that Spanish citizens would probably laugh at). I’m propped up on the bed and told to rest for five minutes and have some water. As I watch the Natura Bisse essential oil candles flicker I feel heavenly. Seeing my glowing and plumped up skin in the mirror was a surprise, I was not at all self-conscious going home without makeup (hell, I should have gone with oily hair as well), and the effects lasted a few days. My skin has become so much softer, and I will follow Tatiana’s advice to keep up with Natura Bisse peels at home, and to put them on my neck and chest as well – which I never think to do with any face masks.



This is such divine experience, but it also delivers immediate results. This Barcelona based brand is said to be Beyonce’s favourite, and I definitely want more of what Queen Bea is having – maximum hydration  that targets uneven pigmentation, fine lines, and hormone imbalance in people age 30+. Check out the Natural Bisse Collagen 3D facial at One Aldwych, and you can also make use of their chlorine-free pool, gym, and sauna for up to one hour before your treatment.


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