The Little Book Of Feminist Saints


Today is International Women’s Day, a chance to champion and celebrate the many achievements of women around the world. What better way to do this than having a read of this splendid wee book by Julia Pierpont. She’s turned a range of women into modern day saints for their efforts in advancing civilisation, and there’s a fantastic range of women of colour saints, entertainment industry saints, science saints, adventurous saints, artistic saints, ancient Greek saints, Renaissance saints, saints from politics, aviation, and war. Of course there’s Madonna and Oprah, but there’s also women you’ve never heard of, and some will leave you well and truly shook, including the woman who had the longest ever childbirth (in labour for twelve years). Each saint has a very brief, concise bio and a fab illustration by Manjit Thapp. You’ll breeze through this, learn a lot, want to pass this on to your fellow women, and be left feeling extremely proud by the major and many achievements of lady-kind throughout history.

Published by Little Brown who gifted me this book, you can pick one up here 



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