Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam


I do love an Anastasia Beverly Hills palette, they’re slim, light, and have some great shades. On the downside, they’re one of the most inconsistent palettes (quality-wise) going, and the suedette covers and small pans tend to get messed up with regular use. The last two releases, Subculture and the other one (Prism?) didn’t take my fancy, especially when every beauty blogger and their mother was being salty about Subculture’s duff quality. Whilst online beauty browsing I sat up in my chair a bit when I first caught sight of Soft Glam, a much more wearable palette with a gorgeous beige cover.



Soft Glam has been criticised for being too much like Modern Renaissance, the company’s best selling palette. It’s similar, but focuses more on neutrals and golds, whilst MR is all about the reds. There are two shades that are in both palettes – Tempera (below), a brilliant bone colour that’s perfect for evening out my fair eyelids, and can go under the brow as a highlight if you have a darker skin tone. The other one is Cyprus Umber (third pic below), a muddy brown that works for deepening a smoky eye. There’s also two shades with very similar names and shades to Modern Renaissance; Sienna in Soft Glam is Raw Sienna in MR, and Orange Soda in Soft Glam is very similar to MR’s Burnt Orange.



I like that this palette has five metallic shades, each of them very creamy and pretty. Burnt Orange and Sienna are really nice, and probably the best quality mattes in this palette. Dusty Rose is quite dry, and not as nice as Modern Renaissance’s similar Buon Fresco, which I regularly use for an everyday look. I also already have Dusty Rose as a single, which is much better quality than the one in this palette. Have a look at my single swatch, it’s more pigmented, and not at all dry like this one. I have no idea what was going on with Rustic (below), it swatches so badly, and I haven’t had a chance to see if it’s as poor on the lids.



All in all, probably not worth it if you already have Modern Renaissance and some gold and bronze shades elsewhere. But if, like me, you use MR a lot and are nearly hitting pan on some of the better shades, but don’t want to buy the same palette again, Soft Glam is a nice alternative. Click here for my Modern Renaissance swatches for further comparison and general palette swooning.




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