Pink Parcel Subscription Box


There’s a subscription box for everything these days. It’s nice to give yourself (or someone you’re getting a gift for) a regular treat through the post, but how many of these boxes are actually needed? Pink Parcel is a monthly subscription box that gives you everything you’ll use for for that time of the month. Tampons and towels for use at home, for whilst you’re sleeping, and a handy pouch for your handbag. You can choose which sanitary brands you like, and control the amount of products you’re sent. To cheer you up there’s also a box of treats included – makeup, chocolate, tea, and I had some yummy chocolate vegan protein powder.



The cute grey and pink box is slim enough to fit through most letterboxes, and the packaging is discreet. Pink Parcel kindly sent me this box to try, I think it’s absolutely perfect if you’re likely to forget to restock each month, and it’s nice to have some added treats to soften the blow of the most bloody inconvenient (yep) week of each month. You can start a subscription from £11.99 a month, and cancel at any time. They’ve also teamed up with some pretty exciting ladies to create limited edition slogan t-shirts and hoodies that break taboos surrounding menstruation, have a look here.


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