MAC Jeremy Scott Collection


I’ve never posted about a makeup collection I don’t have before, but I want to remember this one, even though I will never own it. MAC have teamed up with fashion designer Jeremy Scott to produce one of the best looking collections they’ve done in a long time. Not only are the three palettes (eyes, cheeks, lips) in gorgeous music-inspired tins, they also have ‘electrical store’ boxes they come in. This has been a really well designed collection, I love the boombox eyeshadow palette so much – each of the pans is arranged like volume levels (I think, sorry if my ignorance offends technically-minded people). The cheek palette is a CD, and the lip palette is a mix tape. I love that they come in authentic looking tape and CD boxes, it’s all so nostalgic and cute.

This is so me, music and makeup – I wanted it all. It came out in the States a couple of weeks ago, and the blogger/vlogger reviews were all pretty much along the lines of ‘it looks great, but doesn’t perform well’ – style over substance. I didn’t get in there fast enough to buy the eye palette from Selfridges as it’s sold out now, and although I could still get it from MAC’s UK website, it’s £75 there, whereas Selfridges sold it for £60, and I refuse to pay £15 extra just because MAC says I should. I toyed with the idea of getting the cheek palette, but it seemed a bit anti-climatic after wanting that stereo for ages. I think this is one collection I will admire from afar, and be soothed by reviews that it looks good but isn’t worth the money.

Image courtesy of MAC


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