Glossier Cloud Paint Cream Blusher


My desire to review anything from American brand, Glossier, can only be described as hesitant. Some beauty bandwagons I’ll gladly jump on, but to me the Glossier stuff looked a bit… well, cheap and naff – but with an expensive price point. Not my favourite combination. I’ve waited until the reviews were in, not the initial gushing, but the balanced and considered opinions that can only come after a product has been used for more than five minutes. I’ve heard the best things about Cloud Paint, the cream blushers that come in little paint-like tubes. In my mind, these are the only things that seem to suit the barely-there packaging of Glossier, other things look like supermarket basic products, you know the kind of things that are so cheap they don’t even get a shop logo on them.



Glossier is delivered super-quick, and in a zip-lock pink bubble-wrap bag that you can keep. You also get a sheet of stickers, more on that in a minute. I saw beautiful presenter, Alice Levine, raving about Beam Cloud Paint on Instagram Stories, and I have to say, it’s my absolute fave too. Annoyingly, the blusher shoots out of the tubes even with minimal pressure, so you have to be careful. Go slowly and you can get a subtle wash of colour, or build them up for cheeks that pop. Beam is a beautiful peach that’s great for fair skin, and Puff is a dreamy pink. Dusk and Haze might be better suited to darker tones, but I’m not afraid of them – sandy blushers and fuchsias can look great on my skin tone in small amounts. If you’re only getting one, I’d definitely recommend Beam.



Each Cloud Paint is £25, or you can buy two for £30. There’s also a 10% off code on the website for first time orders, making these four paints £54, maths fans. It’s still a lot for some tiny tubes of blush, but they’re good quality and will stay put all day. I also ordered the cream highlighter Haloscope stick in Quartz, a light silver with very subtle pink tones. I would have preferred more pink, as it applies quite silvery on my skin tone, but I do like this. The texture is quite sticky, so it’s better for hair-up days (if it’s particularly windy outside), this is what gives it a ‘dewy’ effect. I’m loving it with Beam for pretty, glowing spring cheeks. All in all, I’m pleased with what I got, though there’s nothing else from Glossier that’s grabbed me so far, and the stickers thing (below) I find a bit weird. It makes me think I’m too old for this brand, though the price point is definitely too high for a teenage market. Maybe this is the future for beauty, but I’d personally prefer some good quality free samples instead so I can get to know a brand a bit more.




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