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I could almost cry with happiness at how comfortable my new Simba mattress is. I’ve not been sleeping well, and knew my old rickety mattress was to blame. I’d sort of found a way to fall asleep on one part of it that didn’t have a coil poking up through the fabric, but inevitably I’d drift onto the spike in the night and wake up. Poor sleep can affect you without realising it, for me it meant lower concentration, which is not good when I have so many projects on the go, and I’d definitely be reaching for more sugary drinks and snacks to liven me up. What I needed was a good night’s sleep, and I’m so thankful for Simba coming in to my life. They kindly gave me a mattress, as well as a £50 discount code for anyone who’d like to also try the mattress to end all mattresses. Let me tell you how good this cloud-like sleep tool has been.



The delivery is super easy; you book a time slot, they bring a relatively small box (considering it’s a massive mattress) and they will take away your old one. The delivery driver helpfully explained that I need to use the cutting tool in the box to open the mattress, as scissors or a knife will cut beyond the plastic into your precious Simba. I was also told it would take five hours for the mattress to full inflate. I was picturing an inflatable mattress, the kind you have to sleep on at family get togethers when the older people in the fam get allocated the beds. When I took out the rolled up mattress (below) I was a bit worried that this was going to be the thinnest one I’d ever slept on.



You just run the little pac-man style cutter (below) along the plastic cover and a whoosh of air comes out. The mattress started ‘inflating’ straight away so I quickly put it on the bed frame. It’s like magic, something so small becomes a fat, chunky mattress. I don’t know how it works, but it’s ideal for people who live in places where it would be awkward to get a mattress into the building. There’s quite a strong chemical smell, I also experienced this when my carpet was newly laid – I think it’s something that’s put on fabrics that are stored in warehouses to stop wee creatures making a home in them. It’s pretty gross, and I had to air the bedroom and spray Febreze. I’d definitely advise getting a morning delivery slot, and then you’ll have all day to make sure your Simba is fully re-compressed and aired out. By the end of the day when I’d added bed linen the smell was gone and I could not WAIT to snuggle in for the best night in months.



Reader, I did wake up to a better tomorrow as Simba had promised. This mattress is insanely comfy. The Simba Hybrid has 2,500 conical pocket springs and responsive memory foam to cushion every inch of you. It was created after years of research and profiling the way over 10 million people sleep at night. They’re so confident you’ll love this that they offer a full refund after a 100-night sleep trial. You are not going to want to give this baby up, it’s heavenly. I feel so much more refreshed and energised in the mornings, and that’s impacting on so many areas of my life. Sleep is so important, so a good mattress is one of the best investments you can make. To get a £50 coupon to use on any size Simba Hybrid just click on this link. You won’t regret it.



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