Chantecaille Grand Canal


One of my most Googled makeup posts is the Chantecaille Le Chrome Luxe Eye Duo in Tibet, and here’s Grand Canal to keep it company. These are pricey duos (£48) making each pan a whopping £24, maths fans. We all know you can get decent 12-pan palettes for that price, so what makes these duos so amazing? They are without doubt, some of the creamiest shadows you’ll ever try, with incredibly fine glitter that stays put. Originally limited edition, the five or six different duos in the Le Chrome range seem to be part of the permanent collection, though they come in and out of stock at various places in the UK. I’ve had my eye on Grand Canal for a long time, and I’m not disappointed.



They come in an exquisite silver mirror compact with a glittery ‘C’ on the front, though it’s impossible to show you without my camera being in shot. Whilst Tibet was about browns, Grand Canal is grey and silver, and both are gasp inducing when swatched, blending out like you would not believe on eyelids. My one gripe with these duos is that they have an overspray. I was disappointed with Tibet to realise they were about 30% less magical when you’ve gotten through that top layer – so keep these for a special occasion to make the most of the wow factor. They’re still good, and still worth the money, but would be the ultimate eyeshadow if they were as wet-look high-shine metallic all the way through the pan. The silver-grey shade is called Laguna and is glorious as part of a smoky eye, or on its own. You can put the beautiful glittery Rialto over it, or wear Rialto on it’s own for a shiny one and done shadow look. I’d like to try more duos in the range, especially if they’re being faded out, but £48 is kind of nuts. Maybe justify the cost for a special party or wedding and enjoy everyone asking you what sorcery you have making your eyes so pretty.




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