Premier Estates Prosecco


Back in September I had a holiday in Cornwall to catch the last of the summer sun and pretend I was unwinding as I tippity-tapped on my laptop, doing work everyday (SIGH). Some memories were definitely made though, not least the fun times had partying in our Air BnB with a very chilled glass of prosecco or ten. Premier Estates very kindly gave me some of their sparkling white and rose to try, and being all about the prosecco research, I did this FOR YOU, reader.



I’m not a fan of rose, sparkling or otherwise, but every one I was on holiday with absolutely loved this, saying it was refreshing and fizzy. I noticed it was a lot more baby-pink than the blush colour rose usually is, which would make it a really pretty wedding or hen-do beverage. But moving on to the white. Oh my days. This is hands down one of the BEST proseccos I’ve ever tried. And I’ve tried many, in both professional and personal research contexts. This is so dry, so moreish, it’s the perfect party starter. A delicious blend of honeysuckle, citrus, pear and apple, it has just the right hint of sweetness, and a nice pale hue. No wonder it has won eight awards for quality.



As well as needing Premier Estates prosecco for all future summer holidays, I want it in my life for the upcoming Christmas and New Year celebrations. Thank goodness they currently have a deal to get six bottles for £47.94 with free delivery, making each bottle just £7.99. The Grand Rose has the same deal, and they also have crates of red, white and rose, as well as mixed crates and mini-bottles of this amazing prosecco. I’m so happy to have this in my life, I may just celebrate with another glass.


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